John Chvatal

Web Development, Social Media Consulting, & Photography for the Aviation Industry.


John Chvatal grew up on a private airstrip surrounded by aviation-minded family and friends. This led him to a desire for a career that involved aviation in some form. Through his teen years, he was drawn like a magnet to computer technology.

After founding Gazing Skyward TV to share his love of aviation history with others, he realized how passionate he was about making computer technology work for the betterment of the aviation community, specifically in the area of digital media.

In addition to Gazing Skyward TV, he blogs about aviation media on The Flying Cloud. The Flying Cloud also hosts feeds from some of his favorite aviation media sources that are also easily searchable. Stop in for a visit and catch up on the latest in aviation news!

If you are an aviation media publisher and would like your website feed added to The Flying Cloud, please contact him! John does not charge to have feeds added but he is selective on the sources he adds.

John has a solid aviation background and is proficient in WordPress Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Consulting, and Photography. He offers these services and more through Trinity Aviation Solutions LLC.

Drop John a line, he would be happy to talk with you about your business goals.

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