Hi, I’m John Chvatal

John Chvatal is a website strategist who partners with aviation businesses to help them grow their online presence.

After 4 years of managing and building websites for himself and select individuals and businesses, John partnered with Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI) as their head of web technology. In this role, he monitors changes in web technology and advises ABCI on how best to take advantage of these changes. Often it is search engines like Google that are the drivers of these changes. John knows the importance of leveraging the current technology trends to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing competitive digital realm.

John assisted ABCI in transitioning their client’s websites to cloud hosting and a myriad of other tweaks to make their sites load 2x faster. He also responds when a website breaks and works with ABCI to bring it back online with little downtime. Outside of his work with Aviation Business Consultants International, John partners with aviation industry clients on their website projects and offers ongoing website care plans through his web agency, Trinity Aviation Solutions.

When not working on website projects, John enjoys photographing and filming airplanes both on the ground and in the air. John’s interest in photography was sparked when he got the opportunity to go on a day cruise aboard the USS Enterprise in 1999. He brought along a 35mm film camera with which he was able to capture military aircraft operations. His work has appeared in Warbirds News by Warbirds Digest, Midwest Flyer, and General Aviation News.

John has 5+ years of experience as a front-end web developer working with WordPress. He has extensive experience managing and growing a brand dedicated to aviation history on social media called Gazing Skyward TV. John is also working on his private pilot’s license with a long-term goal of obtaining a commercial pilot’s license. 



Trinity Aviation Solutions – Trinity Aviation Solutions builds custom designed WordPress websites using the Divi theme for the aviation industry.

Web Specialties:
Web Design
Web Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Website Service Plans
GSuite Setup (including Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google My Business )
Social Media Consulting

Trinity Aviation Solutions has created and will continue to create strategic partnerships with skilled practitioners to bring added value to our clients.


John Chvatal – When I was a kid, I had an opportunity to take a day cruise aboard the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. My parents bought me a basic 35mm fixed focal length camera for the trip. I burned through many rolls of film… This experience set in motion years later, my interest in aviation photography. 

Photography Specialties:
Aircraft Photography
Air to Air Photography
Business Photography
Product Photography


Gazing Skyward TV – Sharing daily aviation history posts across social media with the occasional blog post. For several years leading up to the time of Google+ shutting down, I had the largest active aviation page on the platform. I was invited by Google to participate in the Google+ Create program. Through this program, I had the opportunity to have numerous aviation and community leadership posts featured on the official Google+ page.

John Chvatal

Trinity Aviation Solutions did a great job on AviationSalesTraining.com - beautiful site, quality work, and great service. Highly recommended.

Paula Williams - ABCI

The Doyle Stearman has been in the family since 1948. John captured the heritage, pride, and love in one photograph.

Chuck Doyle - Minnesota