Sunday is often the day I set aside to schedule the aviation history posts, videos, and articles for the Gazing Skyward TV page for the week ahead. It is also a good opportunity to pop on some headphones and listen to some music. This week I'm enjoying <strong>Uncharted</strong> from <strong>The Piano Guys</strong>. I'm a sucker for anything piano, violin, cello etc. 

What is currently your favorite album or song? Share a link to it in the comments preferably from Spotify. I’m always on the hunt for new music. 🙂

Otherwise, I thought I’d open this post up for some general discussion. Any project you’ve been working on etc.

I’ve been making steady progress on the project I’ve been working on. There has been a bit of a holdup with getting my application approved for a .aero domain I want to get for it. Once I get the domain and get some graphics done, I will likely be giving some sneak peaks as to what I’ve been working on.