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I’ll be back online as soon as I can… here’s why:

I just wanted to take this brief time that I have connected to the outside world that our phone line was accidentally cut during the fiber mainline install. The incompetent locating service our current phone company used didn’t properly mark all their lines. Now they are dragging their feet. Could be the 20th before they reconnect us… the fiber company may have us connected sooner.

Anyways, here is a photo of them running the fiber line through… I was talking with the workers and they said they hit a whole bunch of drops (home connections) on another road. Frontier exchanged some heated words and threatened to call the cops on them (at the other project) at which the workers laughed and encouraged them to do so.

It is plain to see that Frontier and their locators are at fault. I know about where some of the phone cables run and they totally missed them. I saw no markings where the phone cable crossed the road and they didn’t mark the whole length of the phone line running to our house.