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2017 has been a very good year for me. Made great progress on The Flying Cloud and my health. The biggest frustration for me was how everything took longer than I had planned. Biggest regret is I didn’t pick up my camera more.

Looking forward to 2018, The Flying Cloud will continue to be a major focus of mine. I have two major features that I will be building into the site over the next month or two. There is also a myriad of small incremental improvements planned based on feedback I’ve received and things I’ve found I could improve on.

Along with continuing to improve The Flying Cloud, I’ll be emphasizing networking with individuals in aviation media. This is going to be very important as I move forward.

I look forward to continuing my work on Gazing Skyward TV and creating/curating quality aviation content.

I am really looking forward to my commitment to pick up my camera more this coming year. I have my sights set on attending Fagen’s airshow and maybe a few other events here in Minnesota and maybe Oshkosh. Hopefully, some air to air photo flight opportunities will pop up as well.

Here is to what I hope will be an even more awesome year (If that is even possible)!

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